Jasmine Ng

Jasmine Ng is a highly accomplished professional based in Malaysia with over 25 years of experience in the financial services and technology sectors. She has held leadership roles in various organizations, including Deputy CEO of ReGov Technologies, Chief Revenue Officer of iPay88, CEO of Razer Fintech, CEO of NEM Malaysia, and Head of Group Digital, Strategic Digital Alliances and Group Project Management Office for Maybank Group.

Jasmine’s passion for technology has led her to co-found several social enterprises and initiatives aimed at bringing positive change to society. She is the co-founder of Women In Blockchain Asia, a platform empowering women in the blockchain industry, a co-founder of EnGame, a game development company, and myBID, a blockchain-based ID management project. She is also a founding team member of GIFT10, a crowdfunding platform for those in financial crisis, and the co-founder and advisor to EPIC Homes, a non-profit organization building homes for underprivileged communities.

Jasmine is recognized as a Global Women Empowerment Icon 2023 for her exceptional work in the blockchain industry. Her efforts have been instrumental in creating a more diverse and inclusive technology industry and inspiring future generations of women in tech.

In this candid conversation with Collective for Equality, Jasmine generously shares her personal journey and profound insights on women’s representation, gender equality, and the indispensable role male allies play in shaping a more inclusive workplace.

“My journey started in banking, spanning over two decades at Citibank, where I explored various roles within the finance domain,” Jasmine begins. The Fintech revolution around 15 years ago marked a pivotal moment, challenging the status quo in finance and technology.

Reflecting on her transition to the tech sector, Jasmine shares, “The Fintech revolution prompted me to evaluate and strategize the engagement of Fintech for the banks. This is where I was first exposed to blockchain technology.” Three years later, she took a daring leap, leaving behind a secure banking career to embrace the dynamic world of technology, now evolved into the era of Web 3.

Women’s Empowerment and Changing Dynamics

Speaking about women’s representation in traditionally male-dominated sectors, Jasmine acknowledges the positive shift in recent years. “The #MeToo movement has played a significant role in either driving inappropriate behaviours underground or making people more aware of their wrongfulness,” she observes.

Jasmine notes the growing boldness among women in enforcing their rights and setting clear boundaries. “Over my 30-plus years of working, I’ve witnessed a commendable progress. It’s not just a women’s fight; it’s a collective effort,” she emphasizes.

Jasmine’s commitment to gender equality extends beyond her personal journey. “Initiatives like Women in Blockchain Asia emphasize the importance of male allies. We need men who believe in providing equal space for women,” she passionately states.

Guiding the Next Generation

“For young women entering the workforce today, the environment is more encouraging. There’s little that should hold them back,” Jasmine asserts. Her advice echoes empowerment: “Nobody should tell you what you can or cannot do. The only limitation is your own conditioning and imagination.”

Discussing biases in the workplace, Jasmine acknowledges their personal nature. “Biases are often felt more on a personal level than at an organizational level. It’s a fear factor on their side, stemming from what they do not know or understand,” she shares. Constantly reminding herself of this perspective helps Jasmine navigate through biased actions.

“In my view, a company’s commitment to gender diversity goes beyond policies. Leadership, starting from the top, needs to walk the talk,” Jasmine emphasizes. The selection of leadership plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for gender diversity, ensuring it becomes ingrained in the company’s culture and values.

Crucial Role of Male Allies

Using the metaphor of the male locker room, Jasmine highlights the vital role male allies play in fostering gender equality. “Male allies need to stand up for those of us who aren’t present. They play a crucial role in advocating for equality,” she asserts.

Jasmine Ng’s personal journey and candid insights offer a powerful narrative of resilience and collective effort. Her experiences serve as a beacon for a future where workplaces are not only diverse but inclusive, where men and women stand together as allies in the pursuit of equality and positive change.