SINGAPORE – Singapore-headquartered, Women Icons Network (WIN), a platform that captures the value of gender balanced workplaces by engaging women, corporates and D&I professionals, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Myanmar Business Coalition for Gender Equality (BCGE). Under the terms of the MoU signed on November 5, 2020, WIN and BCGE will work towards increasing commitment and social conversations around gender equality at the workplace.

BCGE is a non-profit association that encourages businesses to initiate gender equality practices in the workplace. The association and its member firms have made considerable progress towards creating gender equal places of work. WIN is a technologically powered, globally scalable online platform that amplifies the voices of women at the workplace and also enables them to share their experiences.

“We are excited to welcome Women Icons Network (WIN) as our latest partner. The collaboration will not only help us highlight the tremendous work done by our member firms but also roll-out mentorship programs that address the gaps essential to building an inclusive leadership,” said Ms Kyawt Kay Thi Win, Country Director, BCGE.

Mr Vishwesh Iyer, Co-founder, WIN, believes that all those working towards ensuring gender equal workplaces need to make a collective effort that augments individual strengths if we as a society are serious about SDG 5 Goals.

Women Icons Network (WIN) is an engagement and data aggregation platform that captures the value of gender equal places of work across South and South East Asia. Integrating workplace feedback and published data on companies to create a Diversity Metric that differentiates places of work around gender equality, the platform will amplify the efforts of all stakeholders operating the area of diversity and inclusion.

The Business Coalition for Gender Equality (BCGE) is a non-profit association and also a coalition of companies that are committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace in Myanmar. BCGE encourages all companies and organizations in the commercial sector to initiate workplace gender equality practices and serves as a center of excellence to support their journey.