Career Switch

The job market is enveloped with a lot of uncertainty. People, especially women, can find it extremely challenging to restart their career as and when they want. People leave organisations for several reasons. Some common reasons to quit a job can be a toxic work environment, absence of gender equity, problems in achieving work life balance, etc.

According to the latest study conducted in the US, women tend to leave their jobs due to challenges at the workplace. The impact created by such events can affect your mental health, and some women might quit working altogether.

However, it’s never too late to start again. There are a lot of companies where workplace gender diversity is among their top agendas. Some women decide to quit their jobs after giving birth. However, women empowerment can only be ensured when women are forced to stop make a choice between career and family. There are several jobs in the market that can help you in restarting your career.

Things to consider before making a career path change

Before you start looking for jobs, you should make up your mind about what you want to do for a living. There are specific considerations that you must make before deciding to change your career. Some of these considerations are:

  • Will this career switch provide you with the required financial stability?
  • Do you need to learn any new skills and techniques to get into the new industry?
  • Do you have what it takes to get into the new industry?
  • Will the career change be of any relevance in the next ten years?

Find answers to these questions before you decide on changing your career. You can get in touch with your female and male allies who are already working in the system.

5 Ideal Jobs for a Midlife Career Change

If you decide on taking a U-turn in your career path, make sure that you break the glass ceiling. The career switch should create a significant impact on your life. Listed below are the top 5 jobs that can prove to be a good career switch:

  1. Administrative Assistant

With the increase in managerial personnel, the demand for an administrative assistant is at an all-time high. The job of an administrative assistant is pretty stable, where you can bring in the element of a work-life balance.

It would help if you had some organisation, written, communication, and project management skills to become an excellent administrative assistant. You might be required to perform administrative tasks and work with several teams.

  1. Business Consultant

If you have a master’s degree, you can quickly become a Business Consultant. You need to have an analytical bent of mind and problem-solving skills to become a good business consultant.

As a business consultant, you might be required to help other business with their growth and expansion plans. You can also help small business by formulating effective business strategies for them.

Consultants work from their home. Therefore, you can easily maintain a work-life balance.

  1. Financial Planner

There is a massive demand in the market for financial planners as people need help managing their finances. To become a successful financial planner, you must gain some expertise in the field. You can take up online courses that will help you understand how the job is done.

Also, it would be best if you had a fair understanding of financial variations like taxes, risk management, mortgage and loans, etc. You can be self-employed, or you can choose to get in touch with an agency.

  1. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate is one such industry that might never die. With an increase in the population and the magnitude of urban migration, the demand for houses will tend to increase further. You can make use of it by becoming a real estate agent.

To succeed in your work, you need to work a lot on your negotiation’s skills. Also, you must know the art of cracking deals.

  1. Project Coordinator

Businesses now are getting into multiple projects. It becomes challenging for the managers to keep a tab on all of these projects; therefore, they hire project managers.

As a project manager, you have to keep a tab on how a particular project moves forward. It will also help you in developing leadership skills.

You can make a midlife career change by constantly upskilling yourself. Make sure that you scan the industry quite well before deciding on what path you should choose. Also, it is essential to think about your interests and abilities before signing up for a particular job. It would be best if you were not afraid of taking up an online course and gaining a certificate. It would help if you brainstormed a lot before making this switch.