Colombo, SRI LANKA (January 08, 2024) – Co-founder of the Prime Group, Sandamini Perera takes over as executive chair of the company’s board of directors. Her appointment comes into effect on January 01, 2024.

Ms. Perera takes over from Premalal Brahmanage, who stepped down from his position of co-chairman after almost three years of service since the company’s initial public offering (IPO) in 2021.

Having served as the executive director of Prime Lands Residencies PLC since 2005 and concurrently holding the position of co-chairperson, Ms. Perera also holds director-level positions in several other companies. She brings broad leadership experience to the role in the real estate industry in Sri Lanka, where she has been instrumental in the exponential growth of the company over the last 27 years, making Prime Lands one of the country’s leading real estate developers.

On assuming her new role Ms. Perera said: “Embracing global real estate trends, we pioneered the revolutionary ‘Prime 1% Plan’, which enabled everyone to own a home or a land that they desired. In our relentless pursuit of success, we are unwaveringly dedicated to turning the aspirations of our valued clients into reality. I am proud to be part of these transformative initiatives and look forward to leading more exciting ventures for our clients.”

“I sincerely thank Premalal Brahmanage for his visionary leadership over the years and look forward to building on this strong foundation. I appreciate the trust placed in me and eagerly anticipate the journey ahead,” she added.

Brahmanage’s dedication and service as co-chairman over the past two decades has been instrumental in guiding the strategic vision of the company. Under his leadership, Prime Lands Residencies PLC experienced monumental expansion, becoming one of the most visible real estate developers in the country. In spite of resigning from his post of co-chairman, Mr. Brahmanage will continue to serve the company in the capacity of executive director.

Ms. Perera is an entrepreneur and business strategist by profession, and holds an MSc. in Strategic Marketing and is a member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM). She has received many accolades, including being named one of Sri Lanka’s most powerful businesswomen in 2013 and best women entrepreneur for 2014/2015. She was also awarded the ‘Honoured Leaders Excellence Award’ for excellence in women’s empowerment from the World Consulting and Research Corporation, New Delhi.