“Most of the Women talk about Sexual Harassments at work place , But None express about abuse of harsh /unpleasant and demotivating words. I was one of the victim of such abuses in my previous organization where I worked for 14 years. I hated going to office when my boss is around as I am well aware that day is Insult day in my Calendar. Fortunately he used to come only one week in a month as he was travelling all the time. I was a performer and grew up in the same company from Operations Managers to Vice President , which itself was a big fight as I need to work hard 3 times than my male colleague to earn that position . But the criticism and Insult never stopped. I was constantly compared with my male colleague as how he is conducting himself as a boss to his team where I am not as I was more friendly with my team mates , both had a team member of 25-30 people Separately. It happened with my colleague of mine also who was a CFO in the same Company, Though she is the most capable CFO , due to her Gender she was always questioned on her capability and shown low in front of many other colleague and Bankers. Both of us became very good friends but both never had the courage to speak up and Since he was the Managing Director of the Company , we thought in vain even if we speak up as there is no one was there to hear us . It has been 4 years since I left and took 2 years to come over the Mental Harassments I went through. As soon as I left , my friend CFO also left and many more colleagues of me left with a year . However I hear from some people still working there that the harassments never stopped which includes not only gender bias but also Racism. “