I joined Fortuna PR in May, 2016 as a full-time employee. Sharing a brief review of the company I was associated with for over 3 years.
• Great place for women employees. In Fortuna PR over 50% of the workforce is women and the Company has always ensured the safety and wellbeing of their women employees as its top most priority
• Fortuna PR have always displayed affinity towards its female colleagues in the daily course of work. They do not make women feel guilty about taking leaves because of duties outside of work and rather encourage them to balance work and home
• Approachable senior management
• Flexible working hours
• Everyone here cares about each other like we are family
• Fortuna PR is always focused on providing growth opportunities to its employees. They encourage employees to take on new projects and hone their skills
• Fortuna PR is a great place to learn and grow
• The Company has taught me a lot about myself and helped me in my growth both in professional and personal front

Priyanka Basu