Working at 99Robots has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I did say that they are not offering paternity or maternity paid leave simply because all employees are working remotely from all over the world and if we need to take leave, we can just provide the advanced notification.

I have one colleague that was pregnant and my CEO asked her directly to take leave immediately near her due date (well – she is still working a week before she gave birth; that’s why my CEO asked her to be well-prepared)

Personally, what I experience here is I got respect and appreciation that I honestly never get in any other place. Everyone in this team provides help, assistance, knowledge, resource, everything – regardless of our gender, our race, our nationality.

I was afraid to jump into “tech” because I previously had a very horrible experience working in an IT start-up company, but then I joined 99Robots and I know that there is still a place where women can skyrocket their potential in SaaS, in marketing, in tech, in any industry. There is a place where women can be respected and appreciated for their achievements, skills, knowledge, and hard work rather than just because she is a woman.