In celebration of the International Women’s Day 2022, Singapore-based Women Icons Network is hosting the Collective for Equality International Women’s Day 2022 Summit on March 24 & 25, 2022.

The Summit will bring together senior corporate leaders in discussion on their personal experiences and initiatives in improving workplace gender equity. From recognising one’s personal biases to overcoming it and then helping bring about change to stepping forward and becoming an ally – female and male – at work, the summit sessions will effectively be a masterclass of how to be the change agent.

Represented by senior women and men from the corporate world across Asia Pacific the aim is to enhance the level of discussion and try to establish a roadmap.

The Women Icons Summit & Awards have been a platform engaging women and companies in the area of Workplace Gender Equality since 2017.

The 2022 edition will be a virtual session hosted on a highly engaging digital platform.

Collective for Equality Dialogues

Breaking the Bias – Challenging Personal Stereotypes
March 24, 2022

To make real gender diversity progress, you need every piece of the puzzle put in its correct place. You need to start with an organisational culture that supports and celebrates diversity and inclusion and where people feel they can call out bias and challenge stereotypes without fear of retribution. Rather than looking the other way, people need to know they can safely speak up when they see unconscious bias in the workplace. Added to this, you need leaders who understand and champion the business benefits of diversity and inclusion and celebrate any D&I successes.

Allyship and its Role in Pushing the Boundaries on Workplace Equity
March 25, 2022

Allyship is the Key To Unlocking The Power Of Diversity. It is a lifelong process of building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with individuals and/or groups of people who must recognize your contribution and it is also an opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves, whilst building confidence in others.

Women Icons Asia Awards

The Women Icons Asia Awards have been recognising women leaders and achievers across Asia since 2017. This year, the Awards will recognise senior women professionals in the areas of Technology, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship as well as Diversity & Inclusion. In tune with WIN philosophy of Allyship, Men4Change driving the agenda of Workplace Gender Equality will also be recognised and honoured.

The Award recipients will be announced at the Collective for Equality Summit for Equality Summit and Awards being hosted digitally on March 24 & 25.

The award nominations will be open from February 15 – March 10.

  • Women Icons Asia Technology Awards
  • Women Icons Asia Finance Awards
  • Women Icons Asia Marketing Awards
  • Women Icons Asia Entrepreneurship Awards
  • Women Icons Asia D & I Champion Employer Awards

Awards Jury

Women Icons Asia Technology Awards

An IT, technology or business leader who has demonstrated successful results in the area of data technology including deployment of data technologies; improving how a company uses or deals with data; delivering effective data strategies and enhancing decision-making with data.

A CIO who has demonstrated particular innovation and IT excellence. Examples of best practice, leadership, ROI generated and alignment to business goals must be included.

A CSO, CISO or any other senior IT security function (including cyber security and data management), within an Asia-based organisation who has delivered outstanding work.

An IT team lead who has through her team delivered real value – with tangible business results – to a company.

A role model who has gone out of her way to support the cause of getting more women in IT as well as pioneered initiatives that inspire women to succeed in technology.

A young leader under the age of 35 who has progressed rapidly through her career and demonstrated business value and innovation through the use of technology and delivered effective IT or technology strategies.

Women Icons Asia Finance Awards

Open to women whose overall achievements and work within the asset management industry has been significant with influence at the firm or industry level and has also helped raise the profile of the sector as an excellent career choice for women.

The most influential and inspirational female private and/or personal banker who has overseen strong financial performance and successfully guided the bank in best practices, expansion into new markets, or innovation in terms of new products or services.

Individual who has demonstrated a commitment to innovation, thought leadership and the goal of raising the number of women working in fintech. It includes female executives, founders, managers, employees, consultants and other fintech industry

A woman under the age of 35, or who turns 35 in 2022, who has progressed rapidly though their career within financial services and demonstrated business value and innovation throughout.

Open to women whose achievements and work specifically within investment advice have helped enhance this area of financial advice or raise its profile as a career for women – whether through education, training, leadership, mentoring or acting as a role model.

Women Icons Asia Marketing Awards

A female marketing leader who can demonstrate business growth for her company / brand through effective use of multiple touch points and channels of product / service marketing.

This award recognizes an individual who works entirely on her own, or as part of an affiliation with another consultancy practice but must be self-employed. She must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and application of marketing best practice, ambition and innovation.

A woman who excels in the area of marketing technology and has been responsible for using these technologies to achieve tangible success for wider business growth for her company or client.

This recognition will be given to a female who has contributed significantly to marketing in recent years, as a result of the ground-breaking work they have achieved for their own brand or organisation or for the industry as a whole.

This award recognises female PR specialists – agency and client side – with evidence of impactful campaigns, personal and professional achievements, leadership and contribution to the advancement and promotion of the wider PR/communications industry.

Women Icons Asia Entrepreneurship Awards

Awarded to an exceptional female entrepreneur who has achieved recognizable success in the area of financial technology and acts as an inspiration leader.

This award will recognise a female entrepreneur who has been instrumental in successfully setting up a technology enterprise and is a role mode for women in business and has made efforts to increase participation of women in STEM.

Will recognise a female businessperson who has successfully set up an enterprise which deals primarily as an e-Commerce platform with tangible growth.

A woman entrepreneur who has taken the initiative of creating a successful healthcare technology organisation and has through her efforts increased access to healthcare.

A woman entrepreneur under the age of 35, or who turns 35 in 2022, who has been instrumental in setting up a successful business and can showcase tangible growth and progress.

Women Icons Asia D & I Champion Employer Awards

This award recognises a specific initiative that demonstrates a bold, new, different or creative approach to promoting and/or advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace

This award recognises an HR/D&I or non-HR/D&I corporate professional who has been a visible and committed champion of change in advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond

This award recognises a specific initiative that demonstrates a bold, new, different or creative approach to promoting and/or advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace

This award recognises an individual who has had a positive and measurable impact on supporting and promoting the advancement of women in the workplace

Nomination Form

  1. Any individual or company wishing to enter can submit the nomination form with the relevant details as per the category criteria. Nominating is easy; fill up the simple nomination form and a team member from Women Icons Network will reach out to you for completing the formalities.
  2. All submissions must be received through our awards platform by the date shown on the event homepage. Our awards platform is safe, secure and compliant. It is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  3. There is a nomination fee of Singapore Dollar 25 for each nomination and the same must be paid through the PayPal link on the Nomination Form. Only entries received with the nomination fee will be considered valid.
  4. Finalists are announced; individuals and companies will be contacted directly as well as published on the Women Icons Network website. Finalists will be announced on the date listed on the event homepage.
  5. Submissions will be delivered to a panel of respected industry professionals and business leaders who will assess each submission. The finalists will also be asked to gain popular vote on social media handles and there will be a certain weightage to number of votes / likes garnered for each category.
  6. There can me more than one recipient per award category. For additional details on the methodology and your submissions, please contact our team on contact AT

*Submission categories are subject to change.

Become a Partner

Partnering the Collective for Equality International Summit and Awards gives an opportunity to brands and organisations to be align themselves and demonstrate their commitment towards Gender Equality – United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goal 5 (UNSDG 5).

Further, it is a regional platform to get your message beyond the traditional channels and presents unique opportunities to reach new audiences and find new ways to communicate.

The Summit & Awards are all about celebrating the success and the impact of the most inspiring professional women and male allies.

At the Collective for Equality International Summit, we are clear that the work we do through this network and our activities in general is really important and very much needed.

Partners of this initiative share in this because they are demonstrating that this is something that they care about too.

What do you get as a Partner ?

The benefits go beyond tickets to the event and your logo on the brochure. You can showcase what your company stands for and yes you’ll get exposure through the media coverage and digital marketing of the event, but it’s more than that.


The awards are open to all females and companies in the respective sectors across Asia Pacific, given they meet the category requirements.
You can nominate a colleague or friend through our event website. You will need to complete the online form and provide the email address and phone number of the nominee so that we can let them know of the nomination. This can be done anonymously. NOTE THAT A SUBMISSION STILL NEEDS TO BE MADE IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR AWARD ENTRY.
You are welcome to make more than one nomination or nominate multiple people. Making more than one nomination does not increase the chances of becoming a finalist. Finalist selection is based on the submission.
There is a nomination fee of Singapore Dollar 25 per nomination and the same will have to be paid through the PayPal link. Besides the registration fee there will be no additional charges at any point. Award winners will not be asked to subscribe to any publicity or other packages, whatsoever.
You are welcome to make as many submissions as you are eligible for. You can check category criteria and eligibility on the website.
Provide accurate and concise information. Make use of the available word count to draw upon examples to support your claims. Remember that judges often have a lot of submissions to consider, so make it informative and memorable. Supporting documents are also looked upon favourably to strengthen your submission provided they are relevant to your submission. Judges do not want to spend a lot of time reviewing information that is not relevant to the submission. Don’t be shy in contacting your colleagues and clients for testimonials and references.
Finalists may have their headshot displayed alongside their name on screen when they are announced at the event. We may also use headshots to announce finalists on our social media campaign.
Getting the recognition that you deserve by winning an award or becoming a finalist can be a real boost to yourself, your organisation and / or your business. Our events also provide a great opportunity to network with like-minded companies and individuals. You are provided with a finalist seal and certificate that you can display on your website or in your office. You are also provided with a press release to help you spread the word to your network.
The official deadline for the close of submissions can be found on the event homepage. If you have problems meeting this time, please contact on contact AT
A judging panel made up of highly respected industry professionals will examine the submissions. Several judges are assigned per category to ensure a range of expertise and opinions. The aggregate highest score and the social media score will determine the winner of each award.
Please contact a member of our team by sending an email on contact AT
You can either make a submission on your own accord or be nominated to enter the awards. Either way, the judges are not informed and it does not affect your scores in any way.
Please select the categories you will submit for and submit the nomination through the form available on this website. If you have any questions about criteria and eligibility, email on contact AT
Yes, you are welcome to make your own submission or a submission on somebody else’s behalf. Please ensure that permission is granted before making a submission on somebody else’s behalf.
Supporting documents can include references, testimonials, statistics, video, media coverage, financial or business metrics and/or statements, and third-party independent data reports to boost your submission.
Although we would love to give everyone feedback on their submission, they are reviewed by multiple judges who are not always able to comment on each entry.
The date for the finalist announcement can be found on the event homepage. An announcement will be sent out to all submitters and will be published on the website.
The event will be hosted on March 24 & 25, 2022. Updated information will be shared with all nominees as well as displayed on the event website.
All information is highly confidential and is only shared with the event team and the judges for that category. The information is not published, and any permissions would be sought if required.
Please contact Vishwesh Iyer on +65-91018487 or email him on vishwesh AT

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