JOHANESSBURG – Cricket South Africa (CSA) has confirmed its commitment to Generation Equality, a global campaign that is seeking to achieve gender equality by 2030. The announcement was made at the Women’s Day observed in South Africa on August 9.

CSA’s own internal women’s month campaign, a statement read, has the theme of “Enabling Equality in the World of Cricket South Africa” and is “positioned with a deliberate #4Women to reflect CSA’s zeal to support the empowerment of women and create an enabling environment for the attainment of equality.”

“We have thus far achieved great strides in confronting challenges of inequality faced by women at CSA, be it players or administrators,” CSA’s acting CEO Jacques Faul said.

“This we, recognise as being occasioned by decades of patriarchy, which we remain steadfast in uprooting. Equality of women at CSA will continue to enjoy our attention as an urgent imperative.”

Women at CSA have also been encouraged to engage with the subject of inequality and paint a picture of what their aspirations are in terms of attainment of equality.

This, according to the statement, has been done in a deliberate effort to enlist them in the problem-solving process.

“Women’s Day provides an appropriate platform for CSA to reinvigorate candid conversations and actions aimed at continuing our collective efforts to work towards the achievement of gender equality in the corridors of cricket,” added Jacques.

Jacques called on all South Africans in general and sports administrators in particular to strive to dismantle patriarchy in all its forms as an underlying cause of many of the injustices that women face on a daily basis.

He acknowledged that the fight for gender equality is bigger and thus require collective commitment.