BluJay considers diversity and inclusion as a core value, realised through a collaborative approach based on respect and an open mind to feedback. Committed to an inclusive, diverse work environment worldwide through its presence in 18 countries across gender, ethnicity, leadership and location. The BluJay mission believes that through teamwork and collaboration, it can drive innovation and insight for the excellence of the team, customers and community.

Women’s Network

The BluJay’s Women’s Network (BWN) was launched on International Women’s Day 2020 and Katie Kinraid is among its founding members. Open to all employees, BWN currently has more than 100 members, across all regions.

BWN has contributed to growing and empowering the women of BluJay from within by creating opportunities at BluJay for women to have their voices heard; Creating a safe space for women to share common experiences; Allowing more opportunities for women to connect with each other to grow their support network; and Increasing attraction and retention of women at BluJay.

These goals are accomplished through a combination of peer mentoring, and meeting with the team to discuss issues affecting women in the workplace. Regardless of remote or in-person working conditions, BWN gives a voice to empower women of BluJay, enabling connections to create opportunities to grow in their careers.

Diversity Values

Globally in 2021, BluJay will continue to expand its initiatives, with a continued focus across ethnicity, gender and more. Chief amongst this, BluJay will be accountable for this growth and will be pairing senior executives to sponsor these activities in all aspects of the business.

At all levels from the Executive Leadership Team to Intern, BluJay champions diversity and inclusion. cross the organization, BluJay’s workforce composition continues to change, with a focus on growth in the number of women in all departments. In South East Asia specifically, the majority of recent hires have been female.

Notably, BluJay continues its commitment to involving women in technical roles, with goals to continue to increase the number of women in specialised roles in the IT, Development, Support, Hosting/Infrastructure, Security, Professional Services, and Development departments in roles involving programming, coding, data analysis, information security and/or engineering. The ethnicity of the BluJay workforce continues to reflect a multinational background.

BluJay’s diversity initiatives are founded the four pillars of the BluJay Values:

  • Listen First – Attentive listening to feedback to create an approachable and responsive environment with customers and each other.
  • Be Bold – Uncompromising drive for excellence and results that operates on urgency, not fear of failure.
  • Open and Respectful Mindset – Diversity and inclusiveness can thrive when curiosity and different perspectives are fostered respectfully.
  • Collaborative Approach – Achieving together, generously contributing to ideas and effort as one team.
Other Global D&I Initiatives

The other global BluJay D&I initiatives include – Establishing LIVES (Living Integral Values Every Step): A global BluJay Values Committee that celebrates diversity and comradery, shaping every day BluJay life; Emerging Leader Program: A development program for senior team members who mentor future leaders; Diversity & Inclusion Survey: Gathering feedback to understand what the team thinks. BluJay aims to make positive changes to the way they work, hire and connect.