SINGAPORE (October 17, 2023) – Reena Yin, a successful banker for over a decade, left the corporate world as a result of mother’s guilt, along with the increasing complexity of juggling family and work. But in her quest to remain financially independent and continue to be purpose driven, she decided to form Artisan Nook, an inclusive e-commerce platform founded upon the principle of creating a positive social change to empower women to achieve and maintain a sense of self while creating their own personal legacy.

This is Yin’s legacy. 30% of the profits go to charities including the Singapore Cancer Society. She said: “Artisan Nook is very close to my heart. It is my homage to my late mother who succumbed to cancer. She left her corporate job to take care of my brother and me, when we were young children. I want to support women like her through Artisan Nook.”

She went on to say that the venture is purpose-driven; to allow women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and create their own legacies while leaving a positive impact that lasts for future generations.

The platform is accessible, being home to a range of women-led businesses of all shapes and sizes, from hobbyists to established brands. All entrepreneurs are welcome, whether aspiring and young, or experienced and mature. Besides being a sales platform, Artisan Nook also offers resources from marketing to packaging and delivery logistics for those who need additional support.

Through the platform, Yin aims to uplift and inspire all women in society who are stay-at-home moms and mid-career movers to ensure their financial freedom and maintain their work-life balance while highlighting their individuality through it all. It is also expected to allow business leaders and entrepreneurs to help and support each other, and participate in events such as mentorship, networking and knowledge sharing sessions.

Speaking about her inspiration for founding the platform, Reena Yin said: “This is the start of my entrepreneurial journey after over a decade in the corporate world. I understand the challenges women face and want to offer a simple and accessible platform to overcome the various barriers. “Legacy is important to me. Even as I strive to continue my family legacy, I want to create my own through Artisan Nook to drive lasting positive social impact,” she added.

Yin’s father-in-law’s treasured chilli recipe is part of the family’s legacy, which she strives to maintain. She has transformed the 25-year old recipe from being a home-based dish to a commercial product with its own branding and packaging. Jia-Home Chilli is sold online on Artisan Nook.