The job market is getting more and more competitive. Companies are looking forward to maintaining gender equality but are also keen on hiring the best of employees from all around the globe. Therefore, you need to break the glass ceiling and outshine among the candidates who apply for a particular job role.

One of the primary reasons companies promote diversity & inclusion is that they want people from across ethnicities and geographies to apply for the role. This serves two purposes: workplace gender equality and attracting the best talent.

To beat your competition and get your dream job, you will have to upskill yourself and be the best version. You can be a crucial influencer of women’s empowerment in the company you are applying for a job.

Ways to stand out in your job search

Companies are now looking forward to hiring more women employees in their top and mid-level managerial teams. You need to give your best and grab the opportunity. Listed below are some of the ways by which you can supercharge your job hunt in the highly competitive market:

  1. Voluntary Work

Everyone is busy with their jobs, and they all showcase their corporate work experience on their resumes. However, you need to spare some time and contribute to the society at large. It would be best to enroll in a voluntary social program that will not just enrich your personal life, but also help your resume stand out. This not just portrays you as empathetic, but also a driven individual.

  1. Building a perfect resume

A recruiter will not give more than one minute to your resume. Therefore, it is vital to create an attention-grabbing resume. Make sure that all the relevant information is coming out quite clearly from your resume. Also, a clutter-free resume will give out all the necessary details about your candidature. It would help if you kept adding some relevant skills to your CV.

  1. Online Profile

Online presence has become an essential aspect of job search. You should make sure that your professional online profile is curated well. For instance, you should keep your LinkedIn profile up to date so that a potential employer can reach out to you via that route too.

  1. Work Samples and Portfolios

Words are important for your job interview; however, if your work is substantiated with relevant work samples or an online portfolio, it will add weightage to what you say to support your candidature. Therefore, start collecting your work samples and build a portfolio that you can show to your potential recruiter. The element of work samples will make you stand out during your job search.

  1. Marketable Skills

You might have several skills mentioned on your CV, but there are high chances that those skills are outdated or are no longer needed for the job. You must upskill yourself before applying for any job. A lot of people forget about upskilling and continue applying to several positions with their old skill set. You can build your skills to stand out among all the candidates who have applied for the job and break the glass ceiling.

  1. Referrals

A strong industry presence and networking skills prove instrumental in looking for the perfect job for you. It would help if you interacted with your female and your male allies working in the industry. They will help you understand all trends you must be aware of and how you should prepare for the interview coming your way.

  1. Read and read

The more you read about a particular industry, the more well-versed you become about it. You should be aware of the trends that are dominating the industry currently. You should also have good knowledge about the industry and understand the role for which you have applied. Information gathering is a significant part of job search. Keep reading until you feel confident that you have now gathered sufficient knowledge on the subject.

  1. Targeted Outreach

You may keep applying to several companies and their roles, but there is a high probability that you never hear back from them. To make the best out of your job search, you should focus on targeted outreach. This can only be done if you improve your networking skills and connect with people on multiple platforms. You can start by networking with people you know within your target organization. You can also highlight your presence by commenting on the posts uploaded by the company.

  1. Recommendations

Professional recommendations play a detrimental role in building your candidature. However, recommendations involve a give and take process. You must provide your colleagues and superiors with proper recommendations and request them to write one for you too. These elements give a boost to your profile and also helps you in standing out from the crowd.

Armed with these tips, go out there and get your next big break!