Women Bosses

When Beyonce said that girls ran the world, she was on to something. Particularly in terms of who makes a better boss. Yes, we’re here today claiming that women make better managers than males. Women in the workplace frequently feel inferior to men in terms of compensation and leadership roles. Indeed, there are numerous industries where there are fewer women in leadership positions, and it can be difficult to speak up for yourself and advance when you’re being held back by a glass barrier. However, the reality is that women make better managers than males. And here’s why women are better bosses than men.

Women are great listeners and communicators

Communication is an important aspect and we all want a boss who we can talk to and who is open and honest with us. Collaboration is essential in a successful team. Women, more than men, are excellent communicators. Women supervisors excel at making their teams feel like they are a part of every decision the company makes, as well as reaching out for feedback or ideas when necessary.

Women work well under pressure

Women are naturally less aggressive than men and they tend to handle conflict with grace. While the “catty” stereotype may be true for some women, majority of women seek unity and togetherness. They will seek their team’s assistance and advice without adding to the tension or anger. In the workplace, women prefer to get to the root of a problem in order to truly solve it and move forward in a positive way.

Women are more resilient than men

According to research, women are able to outlive males in stressful situations. The path to success is paved with potholes, diversions, mansplaining, and road closures. When things become difficult, women are more inclined than men to persevere.

 Women are more ethical than men

Laura Kray, a UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business Professor, examined studies on the moral disparities between men and women. What was discovered may surprise men, yet it is something women have known for centuries. Men feel compelled to be manly at any cost. It is a cardinal offence for them to show any sign of tenderness or femininity. As a result, they are led astray and make questionable (at best) decisions. Women are needed in this society to maintain things in order and to keep all of the guys from killing each other. I’m joking, but not entirely.

Women, in particular, are more ethical than men. They are more inclined to be moral and to bargain fairly rather than falsely. Men are generally egotistical and all about business, whereas women, while caring about business, also care passionately about the people with whom they work.

Women bring a healthy work-life balance

Women thrive at managing work and home responsibilities. They are accustomed to juggling children, food, housekeeping, and a job all at the same time, while being chastised for every decision they make. Sure, it’s never easy, and it’s fantastic to have some assistance from your colleagues. Women, on the other hand, understand that work isn’t everything in life.

A female boss can help to create a more relaxed and flexible environment in the workplace. They understand that these are moments you can’t afford to miss as a parent, whether it’s a last-minute doctor’s visit for your ill child or an awards ceremony at the conclusion of the school year. Employees who believe their boss recognises the value of spending time with family are more productive and happy in general.

Women are better at building community within their team

Even if they don’t like you, women have the extraordinary capacity to “fake it ’til they make it,” and you never know. Women are excellent at assembling and leading a cohesive team. They are also servant leaders, which means they aren’t afraid to get dirty alongside their employees to get the job done. They are hands-on and love being a part of the process, leading from the front rather than yelling instructions from behind. They encourage, inspire, and empower their staff, making women wonderful employers to work for.

Women are patient

According to a survey conducted by myHermes, women are more patient than males. That is, they are less likely to make rash decisions or rush through tasks. Both of which might be harmful in the workplace.

Women view success in the incremental steps that lead to a big ultimate objective, rather than being laser-focused on the great goal itself. Each of these modest steps is deserving of celebration, since without them, you would never get to the end goal.

Women are empathetic

Employees, in general, want to feel valued, respected, and heard. Women are statistically more empathetic than men, making them ideal team builders and motivators.

Women, because of their empathic nature, are more likely than men to make rational decisions about job challenges. When it comes to change, they are more open-minded and adaptive.